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"The Daily Serenades is where you can find the latest updates on Aidia, a story created by Symphonia C., as well as her various onslaught of lamentations going on in her life."


"The most recent post, in the order from newest to oldest. To view the other blogs, please use the the link Classical Elegance."


Update 001

Update 001

I'm finally done with updating all of my blogs templates.
A navigation for the 9 other blogs is now set up. Clicking on the ~Classical Elegance~ above will take you to that blog, and towards the bottom there are links to all the other blogs.
Each blog-with the exception of ~Classical Elegance~ is linked with certain other blogs:

  • Classical Elegance, Nimble Grace, Balletic Artistry
  • Symphonic Benevolence, Empyreal Ambience, Whimsical Rhapsody
  • Azure Skies, Balmy Breeze, Mellow Waters.
These blogs all link back to ~Classical Elegance~
Links to my deviantArt and my Xanga have also been added.

Story Information:
Added 2 fundamental pages-the geography and the beings.

I shall update more soon.
Until then (whenever that is),

Au Revoir.



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